NIKKOKIZAI develops and provides high-efficiency cutting tools and parts, polishing tools, jigs, and measuring instruments at reasonable prices.


Original Products

Original Products
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Jeyecore and Polesys

Maker Special Products Jeyecore and Polesys


The Jeyecore is a dynamic tool monitoring system that replaces the eyes of excellent artisans and enables everyone to realize ultra-precision machining with ease.

The Jeyecore uses lens and high-performance charge coupled device (CCD) technologies and employs a high-speed computing system to measure and correct the elongation of spindles, which may result from abrasion, and the leaning of spindles, which may result from a gyroscopic effect, at a precision of less than 0.001 mm.

As a result, the Jeyecore realizes the reduction of costs and person-hours along with quality improvements. Catalog Downlord


Polesys Catalog
The Polesys is a system that automates the polishing process of dies and jigs on machining centers.
This system eliminates the conventional manual polishing process, thus realizing the low-cost production and quick delivery of dies and jigs.

A Polesys system will be constructed by adding the ELID Grinding System and the Jeycore (dynamic tool monitoring system) to an existing machining center (i.e., it is unnecessary to purchase a new machining center). Catalog Downlord