NIKKOKIZAI develops and provides high-efficiency cutting tools and parts, polishing tools, jigs, and measuring instruments at reasonable prices.


Original Products

Original Products
New productEnd Mills PaNacea Coat Series
New productEnd Mills ATH Coat Series
New productEnd Mills Carbide Blue Coating
New productEnd Mills Epoch SD Coating
New productEnd Mills TARO Series
New productEnd Mills HANAKO Series
Diamond Files
Pla Lock and Pla Rail
Ejector Pin
(die standard component) for
plastic and die-casting molds
Heavy-duty Spring for
Plastic Press Molds
Maker Special Products
Cutting Tools
Die Parts
Measuring Instruments
Polishing Tools
Mold Bases
Chemical Products
NANOKUHL (Cutting Fluid)
Jeyecore and Polesys

Maker Special Products Polishing Tools


High-stick Whetstone
High-stick Whetstone
Jimk's original product

Resin (brown), carbon (gray), and white alundum (WA) (white) types are available.
The High-stick Whetstone is of uniform quality that allows the smooth performance of the next process. A lineup of #180 to #1000 models is available.

Whetstones for Electric Discharge Molding (EDM)
Whetstones for Electric Discharge Molding (EDM)
BORIDE Engineered Abrasives

CS-M carbon
Supports a variety of processes, ranging from rough finish to final finish.

Ceramic Whetstone

Ceramic Wheststone XEBEC Catalog
Meister-finish and Meister-finish pencil type
XEBEC Heat-resistant Whetstone, XEBEC Diamond Whetstone, and XEBEC Elastic Whetstone

XEBEC's ceramic whetstones differentiate others in material and sharpness.
XEBEC has a lineup of a variety of ceramic whetstones for a wide range of applications.

Cristone Stick
Cristone Stick
SOWA Co., Ltd.

The Criston is a ceramic fiber magnet of the highest quality made from carefully selected materials. The crystal purity of the Criston is so high that the Criston provides unprecedentedly high-quality grinding performance and finish. The binding force of the crystals in microns is strong, which realizes a high bending strength.

HYPREZ Mold Wraps

HYPREZ Diamond Paste
HYPREZ Diamond Paste
ENGIS JAPAN Corporation

W-type Diamond Paste: Water-soluble paste that can be washed away with ease after polishing.
OS-type Diamond Paste: Oil-based paste.
L-type Diamond Paste: Suitable for drawing dies and heading dies.

Alumina Oxide

Alumina Oxide EEDM Series
EDM Series

The EDM Series is of general-purpose type attaching importance to ease of handling. The two-pillar structure of the EDM Series ensures accuracy while the base of the EDM Series is designed with consideration of ease of use by hand.

The EDM Series is provided with a character height of 10 mm for count display and the following functions: Zero set, hold, preset, rough/fine movement selection, supply voltage drop alert, and over-speed alarm.



Leutor Gold Ⅱ
Leutor Gold Ⅱ

A mini pen-class prices with mini gold-class high power.
Provided with a carrying handle for ease of transportation.
One-touch connection/disconnection function.


Rotation speed with no load: 4.000 to 38.000 min-1

Power Unit
Power Unit

Supply voltage: 100 V at 50/60 Hz
Rated input: 35 VA
Fuse: 2.0 A
Weight: 2.3 kg

Nakanishi Inc.

HES Series
HES Series

HES-series brushless motor spindles exert power for small-diameter drills and small-diameter end mills that are 2.0 mm or less in diameter.

Max. rotation speed: 50,000 min-1 (HES510) and 80,000 min-1 (HES810)
Max. output: 250 W (HES510) and 350 W (HES810)

ECOMO Series
ECOMO Series

ECOMO-series NK micron chucks are designed in thorough pursuit of shaking density

Φ3.0 mm (standard accessory sold together)/NKM 6-3.0
Φ2.35 mm/NKM 6-2.35

The ECOMO Series incorporates a safely designed easy-to-hold rubber clip, weighs as light as 100 g, provides powerful torque, and allows ease of lubrication at hand. The user-friendly design of the ECOMO Series ensures safety and outstanding accuracy.


Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.

The Circuit Bevelle Catalog
Circuit Beveller

The Circuit Beveller is a pneumatic-type curve chamfering machine ideal for the chambering of machine parts and mold parts.

UHT Corp.

Turbolap logo

The Turbolap is a compact polishing tool powered by compressed air.

Unlike micro grinders, a turbine motor drives the Turbolap.

This product is a dedicated tool used to polish molds.