NIKKOKIZAI develops and provides high-efficiency cutting tools and parts, polishing tools, jigs, and measuring instruments at reasonable prices.


Original Products

Original Products
New productEnd Mills PaNacea Coat Series
New productEnd Mills ATH Coat Series
New productEnd Mills Carbide Blue Coating
New productEnd Mills Epoch SD Coating
New productEnd Mills TARO Series
New productEnd Mills HANAKO Series
Diamond Files
Pla Lock and Pla Rail
Ejector Pin
(die standard component) for
plastic and die-casting molds
Heavy-duty Spring for
Plastic Press Molds
Maker Special Products
Cutting Tools
Die Parts
Measuring Instruments
Polishing Tools
Mold Bases
Chemical Products
NANOKUHL (Cutting Fluid)
Jeyecore and Polesys

Maker Special Products Measuring Instruments


Hydraulic Chuck
Hydraulic Chuck

The Hydraulic Chuck is of mono-block construction incorporating a clamp sleeve into the body. Compared with conventional two-piece models that use O-rings for sealing, the metal contact structure ensures high rigidity with stable accuracy.

The Hydraulic Chuck has two hydraulic chambers that can secure each side of a knife at two points and the protruding length not actually chucking the knife shell is so short that the Hydraulic Chuck has improved runout accuracy.


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Shrink-fit Holder Slimline Catalog
Shrink-fit Holder Slimline
MST Corporation

The Slimline is a shrink-fit holder system that makes use of the difference in coefficient of thermal expansion for knife chucking powerfully and highly precisely.

The product is available in two types, i.e., Two-piece System and Mono Series, each of which performs shrink fitting and removal at 300°C, a temperature suitable to shrink-fit holders.

The chucking block has no tightening parts, and the shape of the simple and compact holder is available to a wide variety of machining processes, ranging from mold machining to component machining. Moreover, the Slimline is ideal for high-speed cutting work.

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Multi-lock Milling Chuck

Multi-lock Milling Chuck Catalog
Multi-lock Milling Chuck
Nikken Kosakusho Works Ltd

The Multi-lock Milling Chuck is a three-lock tooling system that employs a taper, end face, and lining.
This product is characterized by a lining mechanism that maintains instantaneous retraction force at the time of tool clamping.
A standard BT spindle is transformed into a three-side locking spindle.

The Hydraulic Tool Holder

The Hydraulic Tool Holder Catalog

The Hydraulic Tool Holder is the first model that enables rough milling. SCHUNK in Germany is a company that invented and commercialized the Hydraulic Tool Holder for the first time in the world in 1978.

MC Power Vice

VE MC Power Vice
VE MC Power Vice
Kitagawa Iron Works Co., Ltd.

A power device of ultra-low-floor type.
A low body with a high cap.
A steep body adopted.

Minimal uplift.

High-torque Nut and Bolt

High-torque Nut and Bolt Fryer
High-torque Nut and Bolt
GNC Company

Nut and bolt sizes up to M20 can be easily tightened and loosened with a single hand.
Female users can handle the High-torque Nuts with ease.


igh-precision Vice Catalog
High-precision Vice

The High-precision Vice is made from fully hardened forged SKS steel (at an HRC temperature of 62°) to finish the squareness and parallelism of each side with high-precision grinding.