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Maker Special Products NANOKUHL (Cutting Fluid)

NANOKUHL is a completely new water-soluble cutting reagent with lubricity developed by SHION Co., Ltd. under the cooperation of the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology and the Aichi Industrial Technology Institute.

NANOKUHL is an epoch-making cutting fluid that changes the common sense of conventional product users.

This unprecedented product working as a water-soluble cutting fluid and lubricity additive was developed by making full use of the characteristics of carbon (i.e., withstanding thermal shock, hard, and high self-lubricity) in nano-size so that it would be dispersible in liquids.
NANOKUHL ensures excellent cleaning performance. The continuous use of NANOKUHL will clean the interior of equipment and reduce the generation of odor resulting from the growth of bacteria.

Application:Water-soluble cutting reagent of carbon distribution type
Type: Synthetic solution type
Principal component: Nano-carbon dispersion liquid
Additives: Rust inhibitor, copper corrosion inhibitor, non-ferrous corrosion inhibitor, glycol-based additive, preservative, and water

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