NIKKOKIZAI develops and provides high-efficiency cutting tools and parts, polishing tools, jigs, and measuring instruments at reasonable prices.


Original Products

Original Products
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New productEnd Mills ATH Coat Series
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New productEnd Mills TARO Series
New productEnd Mills HANAKO Series
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Pla Lock and Pla Rail
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Heavy-duty Spring for
Plastic Press Molds
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NANOKUHL (Cutting Fluid)
Jeyecore and Polesys

Maker Special Products Measuring Instruments

ABS Coolant Proof Caliper

500-714-10 CD-20PSX
500-714-10 CD-20PSX
Mitutoyo Corporation

This product has an enclosure rating of IP67 ensured by a newly developed measuring system and is available to environments where the product is exposed to a large quantity of cutting fluid. The product, however, needs rust preventive measures. Wipe the water and oil on the product after use.

The product is about the same in external dimension and mass as conventional products, and yet it maintains an enclosure rating as high as IP67. The product incorporates an absolute (ABS) scale, which eliminates the necessity for origin calibration and makes it possible to make measurements as soon as the product is turned ON. The LCD of the product uses large characters that are easy to read.


MDE-MJ / PJ Coolant Proof Micrometer product
MDE-MJ / PJ Coolant Proof Micrometer
Mitutoyo Corporation

The spindle travels 2.0 mm while the thimble makes one complete turn, thus realizing quick measurement. The epoch-making lead length has been realized by machining technology that manufactures high-precision 2-0-mm-pitch screws without quality dispersion and newly developed screw evaluation technology.
The product adopts a latchet thimble mechanism that enables users to make stable measurements with no dispersion even if the users are not accustomed to the single-hand operation the product.

Surface Roughness Measuring System

The Surftest SJ-500 Catalog
Surftest SJ-500
Mitutoyo Corporation

The Surftest SJ-500 is a surface roughness measuring system and is available in two types, i.e., easy-to-use dedicated data processor and PC data processing types, both of which boast high accuracy and performance and provide a user-friendly display.

3-axis Computer Numerical Controlled Coordinate Measuring Machine (CNC CMM)

crysta-apexS Series Catalog
CRYSTA-ApexS Series
Mitutoyo Corporation

This low-priced CNC CMM with high performance meets global standards.

DuraMax Series Catalog
Dura Max

The Dura Max offers an unprecedented style of measurement at a surprisingly low price.